Surviving Lockdown 3.0 in University Halls

With Lockdown 3.0 becoming longer and universities remaining open, many students throughout the UK are having to isolate alone in their uni accommodation.

As we once again find ourselves in the most unusual circumstances, it’s important to keep yourself busy. We’ve put a number of tips together to hopefully help you through this time.

University Work

We know you have plenty of time to do you uni work with no distractions, but this really is the perfect time to kick any procrastination habits.

Earn some extra cash

The internet is your oyster. There are endless ways to earn some extra cash on the internet, whether that’s selling your digital skills on Fiverr, selling your old clothes on Depop or even carrying out surveys on sites such as Qmee.

Learn a Language

We’re not suggesting becoming fluent in French before the month ends but learning the basics of a new language can be fun and could come in useful when we can finally travel again. There are a range of different apps you could download, YouTube videos to watch as well as Spotify podcasts.

Pick up a book

Whether it relates to what you’re studying, is a biography of someone’s life or a fictional escape. If you’ve seen all Netflix has to offer, a book might just help curb some boredom.

Not a reader? Try Audiobooks!

Workout or Walk

Even if you think exercising is the worst, it’s important to keep your body moving. Try different at-home workouts to follow on YouTube, you might just find an exercise you don’t fully hate?

Don’t forget, you can still exercise outside – and fresh air really does help.

Don’t disconnect

Whilst ‘me’ time is important, it’s important not to isolate yourself from the world. Make sure you’re checking in with your friends and family.

Learn to cook

Put the Pot Noodles away. This is the perfect time to explore your cooking skills. There are plenty of budget-friendly recipes on the internet (we even have some on our blog) for you to try.


As the quote goes “Having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with purpose.” Declutter, clear out your wardrobe or just give your room a good clean. As we e spend more time than usual in our rooms, it’s important to keep it clean.

Time to be unproductive

Don’t feel like it? That’s okay! Whilst it’s great to full your days and feel productive, taking time to relax is essential for your mental health.

Do you have any tips for keeping busy over the next few weeks?

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