5 Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes for Students

Vegan cooking doesn’t have to mean expensive swaps or substitutes. It’s time to stock up on store cupboard essentials and nutritious fresh veg to create some delicious, easy and most importantly, quick recipes.

  • Coconut and Banana pancakes


The most important meal of the day! Fill yourself with the nutrients and energy you need for a busy day. This recipe couldn’t be simpler to make in a morning, and the mixture is perfect to make once and save to cook throughout the week.

  • Falafel Burgers


This next recipe is tasty, quick and easy! ‘Throw together’ and the meal is ready to eat in under 20 minutes. Perfect for a quick lunch or tea after a long day, you can even make them in advance and save them for another day.

  • Thai Curry


This vegan twist on a wonderful meal can take a little longer to make but is definitely worth the effort! A great choice if you’re cooking for multiple people and can be served with your choice of rice, noodles or chips.

Even though it’s not the quickest recipe it is still fairly simple and is ideal for those with even the most basic cooking skills.

  • Vegan Pizza


Who doesn’t love a good pizza? This recipe is simple to make and share (or not) and is ready in just half an hour!

  • Vegan Brownies


A sweet treat for the final recipe! The cook time of this recipe isn’t particularly quick but if you make them alongside a main and cook them while you eat you won’t even notice the fact they take that little bit longer.