5 quick and easy recipes for Students

Being a student takes up a lot of time and often having to cook a meal that requires maximum effort and lots of preparation is nearly impossible to accomplish. It’s easy to resort to a three-minute microwave meals and takeaways, however these aren’t the best to maintaining a healthy lifestyle so here are some recipes you can attempt with little difficulty and not a lot of time.

  • Homemade Fish and Chips

This one is pretty basic as you can buy both the Fish and Chips and you’re only required to make the batter for the fish. It’s so simple and hard to go wrong, it’s also a great alternative to going to the local chippy as it’s slightly healthier and cheaper which is always a bonus. If you wanted, you could also try making homemade chips instead of shop brought. Or even attempting your own mushy peas.

For the Fish Batter:


For Mushy Peas:


  • Chicken Chow Mein

This one might sound slightly more complicated but apart from requiring more ingredients it’s just a case of throwing them all together to create this recipe. It is also a recipe that’s easy to adapt if you want to take away or add ingredients.

Best of all its super quick and anyone can manage it.


  • Poached eggs on avocado and feta toast

We are constantly told how important of a meal breakfast is but in a morning, time is most limited and you don’t want to be doing anything too complicated. However, if you are craving something a little more adventurous than your usual cereal don’t let the sound of this recipe fool you, it only takes ten minutes and as long as you follow the recipe it shouldn’t be difficult whatsoever.

Similarly, to the Chow Mein you could take away, substitute and add ingredients according to your own preference.


  • Spiced carrot and lentil soup

Soup is a classic favourite dish, perfect for lunch or tea and this quick and simple recipe can be thrown together in under half an hour creating a delicious result

There is also the option to use a slow cooker if you prefer, obviously adding on time but this recipe adapts to whatever time frame you are working with.


  • Spaghetti Carbonara

This recipe is slightly longer than the rest, but those extra fifteen minutes will be worth it to create a perfect, tasty, Italian favourite.

Pasta dishes are so popular both in restaurants and at home but this one tops all because of its simplicity, small time requirement and amazing result.